Solitary Ostara rituals

Hello darlings –

a time of balance is coming. for those of you bound to home or unable to gather – a sweet ritual for you.



Gathering dates 2019

February 2 @ 2pm

March 16 @ 2pm

April 20 @ 2pm

May 5 @ 2pm

June 21 @ 12pm

July 16 @ 12pm

August 1 @ 12pm

September 22 @ 4pm – Witches Thanksgiving Potluck – families welcome

October 27 @ 1pm

November 16 @ 2pm

December 20 or 21

Post Imbolc Gathering

Hello dear ones,

Thank you all so much for coming this afternoon. It was so lovely, as usual, to have us all together doing what we do best…bullshitting, eating, drinking, and enjoying one another’s company.

If anyone wants to do a bit of divination here is the spread I had for us to do, but we just didn’t get to it.

Our witcheriness included making earth candles, egg shell calcium, Brigid’s crosses, and forcing bulbs.

Below are items in the swap. If you’d like to add details, please do so in the comments.

Shana made a great mixed tape to play while you’re spring cleaning.

Candace :: garden spikes.

Gwen :: Rowan wands.

Hailey :: crystal necklaces or Imbolc inspired art work.

Stacy :: yarn wrapped hanging pentagrams

Cammy :: lemon lavender syrup

Casse :: Smudge spray

Brooke :: Early Spring herbal tonic

Laura :: scouring powder & rag

Annielaurie :: wood round toadstool pedestals

Holding this spot for Tasha.

Thanks again!! See you all for Ostara! Tentatively March 16 or 17 (20th is a Wednesday).

Imbolc swap & gathering

.:. February 2, 2019


Mozée homestead

.:. to bring .:.

food to share – please contribute to a charcuterie board. Cheeses, meats, nuts, veg, fruit, etc…

wax from old candles (to melt for our earth candles)

Imbolc themed handmade goodies for 10 (right now).

.:. to do .:.

swap items

get our crafting on by making Brigid’s cross, earth candles, & forcing bulbs.

gathering for bonfire, ritual, & release

libations & food