Ostara and the Full Moon


I stumbled across this link in my attempt to find the exact time of the equinox, so that maybe I could fudge it a day as Monroe has a swim meet on Tuesday. As you can imagine this puts a monkey wrench in egg dyeing and whatnot.

His ritual was interesting from an information point of view. Just passing it on…

Many blessings my dears.



Gathering dates 2019

February 2 @ 2pm

March 16 @ 2pm

April 20 @ 2pm

May 5 @ 2pm

June 21 @ 12pm

July 16 @ 12pm

August 1 @ 12pm

September 22 @ 4pm – Witches Thanksgiving Potluck – families welcome

October 27 @ 1pm

November 16 @ 2pm

December 20 or 21

Clean Day tape

Thanks again to all of you for the Witcheriness experience. I was super out of it and foggy at Imbolc and felt off the next day so I hope all of you are well. I should have been at the tail end of chalice passing. I also contribute my spaciness to feeling a bit in the ethereal body, and that I thought due to the amazing place, the ceremony and all you beautiful women and to Annielaurie I especially send my gratitude. That and the fact that we are flippen half way through winter with an early spring I hear. So I wanted to clarify that when you use your lovely smelling cleaning solution from Laura, you should put on your mixed tape CD (I hope you all have a player!) and the guidelines are to just dive into some serious deep cleaning and jam and your children may not talk to you unless they need to nurse, it’s a dire emergency, or they have a scrub brush/sponge in their hands too. Thanks lovely Laura for the cleaning idea, having an inside joke and the friendship. I love you Italian girl ❤ Hey I blogged!

Post Imbolc Gathering

Hello dear ones,

Thank you all so much for coming this afternoon. It was so lovely, as usual, to have us all together doing what we do best…bullshitting, eating, drinking, and enjoying one another’s company.

If anyone wants to do a bit of divination here is the spread I had for us to do, but we just didn’t get to it.

Our witcheriness included making earth candles, egg shell calcium, Brigid’s crosses, and forcing bulbs.

Below are items in the swap. If you’d like to add details, please do so in the comments.

Shana made a great mixed tape to play while you’re spring cleaning.

Candace :: garden spikes.

Gwen :: Rowan wands.

Hailey :: crystal necklaces or Imbolc inspired art work.

Stacy :: yarn wrapped hanging pentagrams

Cammy :: lemon lavender syrup

Casse :: Smudge spray

Brooke :: Early Spring herbal tonic

Laura :: scouring powder & rag

Annielaurie :: wood round toadstool pedestals

Holding this spot for Tasha.

Thanks again!! See you all for Ostara! Tentatively March 16 or 17 (20th is a Wednesday).